Clients Say

“Rae’s performance exceeded my expectations of an interim executive director.  She operated at a high level in every aspect of the job.  She kept the lights on and the bills paid, streamlined administrative and financial operations, and expertly facilitated the board’s strategic priority-setting and successful permanent executive director search.  She did all of this on tight timelines with enthusiasm, energy, integrity and good cheer.  Rae demonstrated uncommon mastery of every function that non-profits ask of their executive directors – from high-level thinking and action, to the details of daily operations.  …  Rae moved quickly to establish leadership continuity in appropriate areas.  She respected and honored our history and the work of staff and board, while shining a light on opportunities for change that our leadership transition offered.” Jon Stier, Vice President, Dispute Resolution Center of King County,

Your facilitation, your being, and your energy were so pivotal to the success of the retreat. You’re so good at what you do!!” Hnin W. Hnin, Board President, CoFED (The Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive) and National Welcome Table Coordinator at ROC United (Restaurant Opportunities Centers United),

“Rae entered an organization with many challenges. She was able to figure out all that needed attention in fairly short order and to create an environment that allowed both board members and staff to be successful in making the changes necessary to move forward and become productive again as a valuable community resource.” Tom Sutton, Treasurer, Maple Valley Community Center,

“We like to think of CLAM [Community Land Trust of West Marin] as our little engine that could, a steadfast group of dedicated people working to preserve this community’s character and diversity. For 7½ years Rae has been our engineer, our guide, the person we look to for direction. She gave us focus and she gave us support. …We are on our way to 50 homes in 25 years because Rae had the vision and the will power and the skills to make it happen. ”
Kerry Livingston, President, Board of Trustees, Community Land Trust Association of West Marin (CLAM),

“Rae helped our organization reach a consensus on the solution to a problem we had been struggling with for seven years: how to build a board that is connected to our community of poor immigrants and that is strong enough to acquire the resources we need to support our programs. She helped us discover a new model of board leadership and governance that none of us had imagined before our six-month planning process with her. Rae was very good at communicating with an incredibly diverse group of people speaking two different languages, and with a wide range of education—including with college degrees and some with little or no schooling.”
Hilary Stern, Executive Director, CASA Latina,

“We used Rae’s services for a critical planning process we were going through.  She was insightful, incisive, and thorough.  We made more progress than we ever could have on our own, and her observations were often surprising, but always accurate.  She is smart, funny, and easy to work with.”
Kim Klein, Principal, Klein and Roth Consulting,

“Thanks again, Rae, for helping the community at the Children’s Corner be heard. You were truly amazing yesterday, holding up everyone’s strong feelings and concerns in a way that allowed for a much needed shift at the parent, staff and board level.”
Monika Rose, parent and board member, Papermill Creek Children’s Corner, a child care cooperative,

“Rae is a wonderful facilitator and a delight to work with. Her model of strategic planning is insightful and thorough. She was able to engage our whole board, give everyone a chance to share their input and steer us toward a three-year strategic plan that we were all comfortable with. I hope we will have the opportunity to work with her in the future.”
Tony Silard, Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Global Education Partnership

“We’re a small, non-profit consulting firm. Yet Rae Levine has been a consultant and advisor to us for nearly five years. She has helped us stay focused and on-track through years of changes – both internal and external. As President of the organization, I value her advice and counsel, which always brings a fresh perspective that I hadn’t yet considered.”
Tom Foster, President, Center for Applied Local Research,

“You brought such a tremendous blend of skills to this project – experience and expertise in interactive meeting design and facilitation, strategic planning, vision – backed up by an impressive work ethic, a commitment to excellence, and a strong personal and professional commitment to the project.”
Tom Livers, Chief, Conservation and Renewable Energy Bureau, Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation

“Rae has an unusual talent for getting divergent interests to YES on tough issues. In my 25 years in this field, I find it rare to find such a blend of organizational savvy, integrity, commitment, and compassion in one person. She is one outstanding practitioner – one I would want in the room when the stakes are high.”
Thomas J. Rice, President & CEO, Interaction Associates LLC,

“I think it is universally true that organizations are resistant to change, even if it’s for their own good. What Rae Levine brings in perspective, methods and techniques for collaboration helps to turn that resistance into a positive force. Ms. Levine’s performance in this work has been consistently exceptional in the eight years our organization has used her services.”
Sue Kateley, Manager, Electric Vehicle Programs, California Energy Commission

“I was impressed by Rae’s ability to adeptly design and implement a process for our retreat that helped our organization deeply examine and refine our core values and guiding principles. Her processes were thoughtful and efficient, enabling us to accomplish our stated goals. Equally, her flexible approach allowed us to deviate from our plan when participants felt it necessary. Rae’s facilitation fostered the feeling of a cohesive group, as she did not impose her personality on the process, but rather allowed the group’s own dynamics to establish the tone. I would highly recommend Rae’s organizational facilitation capabilities to any organization.”
Ronni Goldfarb, Executive Director, Equal Access,

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