Services for Nonprofits

Leadership Transition:

The departure of a nonprofit’s executive director is an opportunity for the organization to strengthen itself, fortify the trust of its stakeholders, and meet new challenges with imagination and enthusiasm. I offer a strong combination of leadership and management skills to guide an organization in such a challenging time, helping the organization to facilitate the transition process and take advantage of the learning and strengthening opportunity.

Interim Leadership-Management – Whatever the reason—retirement of your organization’s founding or long-term executive director, a sudden change in executive leadership, or the need for a major change in direction—employing an interim executive director can create the conditions for learning from the past, making change and moving forward with renewed momentum.

As Interim Executive Director I ensure that the organization stays focused and on track with its mission and priorities, support board and staff members through the transition process, and help strengthen the organization to ensure future sustainability. Taking interim assignments of typically 6-10 months, I tailor my activities with each organization according to its distinct transition situation and needs.

Leadership Transition Consulting and Coaching – I help an organization navigate the leadership transition with the following services:

o   Designing a process that fits your organization – Each executive transition presents specific challenges and opportunities. I work with you to design a transition process that fits your organization’s needs.

o   Planning for leadership succession – Planning ahead makes for more options and resilience.  I help you prepare for the inevitable future leadership change.

o   Assessing organizational leadership needs – A time of change is a great opportunity to analyze and address strategic challenges.  I help you identify what works and what needs attention, and most important, where your organization is poised to go and who can help get you there.

o   Organization Development – Transition is a great opportunity to strengthen the organization. I help you apply what you learned from the assessment to make needed changes for sustainability and new leadership.

o   Executive Search –Working closely with your Transition Committee, I help you discover and prioritize critical competencies, develop a compelling job description, and conduct a comprehensive search. I can facilitate your board-led search, working with you to identify candidates with values and skills that make the best organizational fit, so the board can select the next leader.

o   Transition Integration – A crucial final step, I work with the departing and new leaders, the board, and the organizational community to ensure a stable and smooth transition.

Organization Development, Strategic Planning, Board Development, Facilitation:
I provide comprehensive organization development services to nonprofits and communities, including strategic planning; board development; design and facilitation of meetings, conferences, and retreats; and leadership coaching.

See a report and tools I authored on strategic planning here: Strategic Planning … Lessons from the Field